Redefining how people build wealth around real estate. Connecting families, homes, and capital.

SFR Portfolio
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How Ascend Builds Wealth through Housing.

A new way to rent.
Rent with Benefits®

Ready to build wealth through real estate? But not ready to commit to a mortgage and homeownership? We got you. With Ascend’s Renting with Benefits™ program, you can rent one of our homes, while also being an co-investor in it.

Data-driven SFR investing.
SFR Investing with Ascend

We are a private equity SFR investing firm leveraging data, expertise, and state-of-the-art tooling. Institutions, Family Offices, and Accredited Investors can participate in our end-to-end managed SFR portfolios with aligned tenants.

Upgrade from landlord to SFR investor.
Ascend Exchange™

Tired of the hassles of managing your own rental property? Make a tax-free swap for shares in our SFR portfolio, and upgrade from risk-exposed landlord to diversified SFR investor with our industry-leading team!

Ascend’s Business Highlights.

We are excited to continue to build on these milestones to keep delivering outstanding returns!


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Gross Yield Target

Connecting families, homes, & capital.

The Ascend Portfolio of Homes: Highlights


Dallas Metro

Garland, TX

Garland offers a unique combination of big city amenities and small town charm. It features extensive parks and recreational areas, access to major highways, an extensive school system, and many opportunities for employment.


Atlanta Metro

McDonough, GA

McDonough, Georgia is a great place to live because it is home to numerous green spaces, recreational activities, well-regarded schools, and a thriving business climate. In addition, the low cost of living and the close-knit community atmosphere make it an ideal choice for many families.


Atlanta Metro

Peachtree City, GA

Hudson is a special place because of its beautiful Gulf Coast location. Residents have access to swimming, fishing, boating, and more. Along with its stunning natural scenery, Hudson is home to a vibrant cultural community with an array of festivals, art galleries, and restaurants.


Greenville Metro

Greer, SC

Greer provides a unique blend of big-city amenities and rural charm. The city offers a wide range of activities, including an expansive park system and natural areas, a thriving music scene, and plenty of kid-friendly attractions. Greer is also conveniently located near larger cities like Greenville and Spartanburg.

Real Estate Investing Powered by You.

Start building wealth with one of the most powerful asset classes!


Average annual return on investment from residential real estate in the US


Target Cash Yield


Average yearly home price appreciation
in the last 25 years

Our mission.

We believe that everyone should have a chance at wealth creation through housing. No renter should feel the anxiety of the wealth gap widening  between them and homeowners. And every renter should have an opportunity to build for their future.

Kenneth Luna
Our vision.

At Ascend, we’re building a new way to rent – a model that values and rewards renter as partners and co-investors by ensuring access to the wealth creation possibilities of real estate, without ever having to purchase a home.

We believe this journey isn’t just about housing. It’s about community, health, and pride. We are building invested communities with you, for you.

Florian Schmitz

And our core values.


We enable families to generate wealth around housing for a better future.


We align renters and investors to create synergetic growth outcomes that make everyone better off.


We will revive a real sense of community in neighborhoods, and cooperation for a civil society.

Building wealth together.

“This will buy me some time to build my savings account as well as my credit score. Thank you for making me feel like ‘Family” and not just another transaction.”

Latrice B.
Atlanta, GA

“We thought we were just in a no-win situation, paying rent for five years and nothing to show for it! Knowing you normally don’t even get your security deposit back!”

Cheryl G.
Atlanta, GA

“We had already decided that we were not going to purchase the home we were in at the time and we were just waiting to build enough of a down payment to purchase another home on the open market. Ascend helped to speed up the process.”

Kara C.
Atlanta, GA