Retire from being a landlord.

Tired of the hassles of owning and managing your own rental property? Exchange it for shares in our portfolio, and ascend from landlord to real estate investor!

Join other owners who've already sold property to us!
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Ascend from landlord to investor.

Earn passive income

Ascend professionally manages and operates an SFR portfolio (maintenance, leasing,  taxes...) while you just earn income from it!

Capture appreciation

As a shareholder, you’ll capture the home price appreciation of our diversified portfolio over 5 years

Defer taxes now

Exchanging your home for Ascend portfolio shares is like selling your home to buy shares in a REIT - minus the taxes!

Introducing the Ascend Exchange.

Get an offer.
  • Enter your property’s address, basic info and condition in less than 5 in minutes
  • We’ll get back to you with an initial offer within 1 business day
Lock in your offer.
  • Schedule a home inspection
  • Get your inspection results and a final offer
Start the Exchange.
  • Sign your agreement to join Ascend's portfolio
  • Complete closing with Ascend and the title company
Passive investor.
  • Now you are a passive real estate investor in a diversified SFR portfolio!
  • No more active landlord hassles!

Ready, Set, Ascend!

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