Renting that builds wealth.

Participate in our community raise, and invest in the future of financial inclusivity through real estate!

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Our mission is to help families build wealth through real estate.

Rent with Benefits™

Just like a home lease.

Rent with Benefits™: the flexibility and peace of mind of a traditional lease, on our updated, professionally managed single-family homes.

Invest your deposit.

That money other landlords make you tie up in a security deposit? You can use it to buy shares of our diversified portfolio of homes!

Build wealth as a renter.

Earn passive rental income and bank on the portfolio’s home price appreciation just by being a good renter.

Renting with Benefits™: a new way to rent.

How it Works.

Meant to be as simple as renting.

Rent an Ascend Home.

Pick one of our beautiful, move-in ready homes to live in. We carefully source, underwrite and acquire properties we are confident will appreciate in value over time.

Sign your lease.

No inflated rents or forced savings plan here. You sign a 1-year lease and pay standard market rent.

Receive your shares.

Instead of locking your hard earned savings in a security deposit, contribute it to you Ascend Wallet, and become a shareholder in Ascend’s portfolio of homes.

Build wealth.

Rent as you normally would and watch your shares grow in value. As an Ascend shareholder, you’ll get access to our community and learn how your contributions are helping people just like you build wealth through real estate.

Move out with more

You’ll have the opportunity to stay invested for 5 years and watch your money continue to grow. Use the proceeds for whatever future goals you have in mind. You’ve earned it!

A New Way to Rent

Why Renting with Benefits™ Works.


Pay Market Rent

Pay a security deposit of 1-2 months' rent

Maintenance is a constant headache

No wealth-building potential

Renting with Benefits™

Pay Market Rent

$0 deposit: buy portfolio shares instead

Professional management & maintenance

Get a share of the rental profits and home
price appreciation!

See what you can earn.

I am looking  to rent in the


 targeting $

per month in rent.

With Rent with Benefits, instead of putting down $5000 as a security deposit, I will buy shares in Ascend’s portfolio of single-family homes

for $


Over 5 years, I could get back an expected $1381 in passive income and value appreciation,

a return of 1.28!

With that money I could…

Finally afford a mortgage down payment.

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Estimated returns based on historical market performance data and subject to mortgage interest rates, for illustrative purposes only. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.