Renting that works for you.

Ready to build wealth through real estate? But not ready to commit to a mortgage and homeownership? We got you. With Ascend’s Renting with Benefits™ program, you can rent one of our homes, while also being an co-investor in it.

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How Renting with Benefits™ Works:

Find your Ascend home.

Take a look at our move-in ready homes. Once you find something you love, apply in minutes. No commitment and it doesn’t impact your credit score.

Sign and move in.

No inflated rents or forced savings plans here. You sign 1-year leases and pay standard market rent. This experience is no different than renting - just better. Treat the home like it’s your own and we all make money together.

Receive shares in Ascend's portfolio.

Instead of locking your hard earned savings in a security deposit, contribute it to you Ascend Wallet, and become a shareholder in Ascend’s portfolio of homes.

Build wealth with us.

Rent as your normally would and start building wealth passively. Watch your investment grow through income and home price appreciation. You might even get some distributions. As a shareholder, you’ll get access to our community and join others building wealth with Ascend.

Move out with more.

At the end of your lease, you’ll have the opportunity
to stay invested for 5 years and watch your investment continue to grow. Use the money for whatever future goals you have in mind, like buying a home. You’ve earned it.

You’ve got questions. Here are your answers.

Below are some common questions we receive from partners.
Who qualifies to Rent with Benefits?
What homes are available for me to Rent with Benefits?
What are the Benefits in Renting with Benefits?
Is this similar to a rent-to-own program? Will I have an option to purchase my Ascend rental home?
Will I be signing a standard lease as a RwB tenant? Are there any special terms or conditions?
How do I learn more about the Real Estate investing benefits in RwB?