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How Renters Become Investors.

April 18, 2023


One of our frequently asked questions from customers is how our renters actually become investors. Below is a quick primer on how you technically become an investor in our portfolio.


When you become a renter with Ascend Homes, we empower you to be an investor in our Portfolio of Homes. The way we make this happen is by offering our renters securities in our portfolio that represent an ownership stake. The type of security we use is Reg-CF (Regulation Crowdfunding).

Reg-CF is a relatively new type of security that is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This type of securities offering grants non-accredited investors access to investment opportunities that would otherwise be inaccessible. Generally, non-accredited investors are individuals who do not meet the qualifications to invest in more traditional securities offerings, which are having a net worth of $1,000,000 or an annual income of $200,000 over the last two years. The beauty of Reg-CF is that it allows our renters to make smaller investments, thereby widening their access to investment opportunities.

At Ascend, our mission has always been to give our renters the opportunity to invest in an institutionally managed real estate portfolio that would not be accessible through more traditional investment channels. Reg-CF is a tool that allows Ascend to increase that access and opportunity to our customers. By leasing a home with us and becoming a co-investor, our renters are essentially betting on themselves.

For more information on Reg-CF, please visit the additional material provided here.

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