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How Do You Make Money with Renting with Benefits?

March 27, 2023

A common question we get from our rental prospects is how they make money renting a home from Ascend. Well, as a co-investor, you make money through Net Cash Flow and home price appreciation. Let's explain below.

Rental Profits (Net Cash Flow)

Net Cash Flow (also called Rental Profits) is generated when there is positive cash flow at the end of each rental month. After we collect rent, we subtract normal operating expenses and mortgage interest. What is left is the home’s rental income and if it is positive, it is rental profit.

Home Price Appreciation

Home price appreciation is defined as the increase in home value realized each year. Generally, we assume home prices will appreciate about 5% per year. But sometimes it is higher, sometimes it is lower. We will be posting an entire primer on what drives home price appreciation soon.

Your Total Return

The total return on investment in a single-family home can come from two main sources: Net Cash Flow and home price appreciation.

This is also called the return on investment (ROI) and it can vary for a single-family home or portfolio of homes depending on many factors, such as location, purchase price, financing terms, maintenance, property taxes and rental demand. Generally, a single-family home investment can provide a potential (although not guaranteed) ROI of 5-10% annually.

What happens if a home is sold? 

When a home in the portfolio is sold, the mortgage on the home will be repaid first, all costs of the transaction and arrears of costs not paid yet will be paid, and after all other obligations related to the home have been met, the remaining profit of the home will be distributed to all shareholders in our portfolio of homes. This group of shareholders includes our renters, who are also co-investors through Renting with Benefits.

What happens if a tenant ends their lease?

If you decide to not renew your lease with Ascend at the end of your term, you will automatically keep your investment with us. So, if you wish to continue being invested with us, you don’t have to do anything.   

As of today, there’s no market to sell your shares just yet, but we are planning to set this up as soon as we can. In the meantime, should you want to cash out your investment, we will offer your shares to other investors on a best-efforts-basis. We can’t guarantee we will be able to pay you out before the end of the investment term. But we can seek to arrange for the next tenant to buy your shares, should you wish to sell it to them.

And if you want to move to another home with us, you can just keep your investment with us and continue growing your equity.


Instead of paying you out your Net Cash Flow, we will reinvest your dividends, growing your investment and equity over time!

If you have any questions about how our program can help you build wealth, please don't hesitate to reach out to

The Ascend Team

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